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1st Employment saves you time and money on recruitment, hiring, and payroll. Whether you’re looking for a special person for a key position, seeking to respond to variable staffing needs in the most efficient and economical way, or looking for a partner for long-term staffing solutions, 1st Employment is your local choice for your staffing needs.

Flexible Solutions

With 1st Employment, short-term or long-term projects and seasonal staffing needs can be filled with top-quality workers. Here’s what we offer:

  • Short Term
    1st Employment will assist employers for any need they may have such as a fill in for FMLA, Vacation or any other short term project.
  • Screen-To-Hire
    1st Employment supplies employees for a trial period. You can tell if the worker is a good fit for your organization before you invest in a hire.
  • Direct Hire
    Let 1st Employment assist with recruitment for positions at all levels. It’s a surprisingly economical solution to the challenges of recruitment and hiring.
  • Payrolling
    You know how much paperwork and effort is involved in hiring a new employee. 1st Employment takes care of that for you. You choose your workers, and we do the rest.
  • On-Site Management
    1st Employment provides on-site supervisors for employees at a customer’s facility.
  • ProveIt! Testing Programs
    We have over 800 validated skill tests available to verify and evaluate the skills of applicants in all fields.

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Performance Measures

1st Class Solution Results are measured in several factors:

  • Avionte Software Customer Reporting
    1st Employment generates hundreds of reports daily to ensure you that you’re receiving the 1 Class Employment Solutions you expect.
  • Performance Tracking
    We use a range of performance-tracking tools, including:
    • Quality Calls
    • Employee Exit Interviews
    • Turnover & Attendance Tracking
    • On Site Attendance Checks
    • Employee Surveys
    • Customer Surveys
    • Local Problem-Solving
    • Client Specific Orientations
    • Client Specific On-boarding checklist
  • Process Tracking
    1st Employment performs a thorough review of all processes monthly to ensure that each member of the 1st Employment team is up to date on the day to day functions of our various staffing programs.
  • Quality Customer Reviews
    1st Employment management will meet with various customers on a monthly basis to help ensure that each individual within our organization is giving each customer the thorough service they have come to expect. Our goal is to provide each customer no matter the size with 1st Class Service.